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Episode Six - Summit 2024 and Beyond

We hope listening to this episode helped you feel equipped for Summit and your return home after Summit. As a reminder, here are some ideas for what to do once you return home:
  1. Debrief with Colleagues:
    • Organize a meeting or discussion with your colleagues who also attended Slate Summit. Share your key takeaways, insights, and any materials you gathered. This is especially helpful if you attended different sessions.
  2. Follow-Up with New Contacts:
    • Reach out to the people you've networked with during the conference. Send follow-up emails, connect on LinkedIn, or even arrange follow-up meetings to solidify the connections you made. People who reach out to presenters to thank them for their presentation are heroes. You have the chance to make someone's day. Take it!
  3. Review and Organize Your Notes:
    • Go through your Summit notes and materials while the information is still fresh. Organize your notes by themes or categories to make it easier to refer back to later.
  4. Implement New Ideas:
    • Identify specific ideas, strategies, or insights you've gained from the conference that could benefit your projects or work. Create an action plan for integrating these new concepts into your work.
  5. Provide Feedback to the Organizers:
    • If there were aspects of the conference (or pre-conference activities) that you found particularly beneficial or areas that could be improved, consider providing feedback to the organizers. This helps them enhance future events. Last year Megan suggested the Show and Tell session and this year Technolutions did it! One of the great things about the Slate community is that one person's idea can gain traction and turn into action. 
Remember that the goal is to leverage your Slate Summit experience to enhance your professional growth, expand your network, and drive positive impact in your projects and institution.

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